your sales organization to achieve its highest potential of sales performance

Inspire your people

Yes, your entire sales organization will be excited about using a technology tool that makes their lives easier and more productive. But mCoach is really much more than that. mCoach was uniquely designed to help individuals in sales roles achieve the highest levels of professional development and growth. Inspiration fuels motivation. What does that do for your organization?

In the short term it drives improvements in the sales coaching process and the selling skills of your sales professionals. An inspired sales organization will be motivated to be better. This inspiration ultimately leads to a greater sense of accomplishment, opens advancement opportunities, and increases sales performance through new customer acquisition and greater recurring business.

mCoach Inspiration for Sales Management

mCoach inspires the manager to use more effective coaching techniques by providing the resources and environment to make sales coaching a “want to” rather than a “have to” activity. As an interactive technology tool, it’s simple to use, easy to navigate, and dramatically improves the productivity and effectiveness of sales managers during the coaching process. They realize and appreciate their investment of time in sales coaching is well spent.

Several features of mCoach were designed to specifically motivate sales management on an ongoing basis. Coaching gamification is an optional feature in the mCoach solution. The accumulated coaching points system offers friendly motivation among the sales managers while recognizing increased coaching activities that drive sales performance. Quality of coaching is rewarded over mere quantity!

The ‘Tip of the Day’ can be either pre-defined or ad hoc. This feature continually provides messages to help managers focus on addressing key areas of development, details of specifications, and coaching best practices. These messages can prompt managers to reinforce sales training and pull-through concepts or remind them of any current or upcoming sales initiatives and promotions.

mCoach Inspiration for Sales Professionals

Sales professionals thrive in collaborative and supportive environments where they can hone their selling skills, enhance their professional development, and maximize their sales performance. Sales professionals grow when they achieve the self-satisfaction of a job well done. They’re more confident, more engaged, and happier and more motivated employees. mCoach fosters that collaborative environment by opening the lines of communications and making the sales coaching experience more transparent between sales professionals and their managers.

The interactive Field Coaching Reports support the development of joint coaching plans that are tailored to the individual development needs of the sales professional. Completion dates of development plans are mutually agreed upon between the professional and manager. FCRs also contain an evaluation rubric for each skill that provides objective support and definitions to the rating. It aligns expectations between both individuals and creates a more consistent, positive, and meaningful coaching interaction.

mCoach promotes effective coaching and development in a truly open environment. It optimizes the opportunities for professional growth and uniquely engages the sales professional, ultimately driving improved sales performance!